A New Animated Adventure from the Creator of Neon Wasteland

In the year 2099 dying is easy.  Deciding what to do with your afterlife, well, that's a different story.

Deliver humanity from evil in 30 minutes or less with this limited series of unique digital collectibles 

living on the Ethereum blockchain and changing the Metaverse one byte of pizza at a time. 

Owning an undead driver makes you a certified NFP* delivery technician

and grants you access to the Dead Net*.

*NFP = Non Fungible Pizza. *The Dead Net - A FOMO "retirement community" of the Omni Corporation.   

Apocalypse Wow! 

End of the World Pizza is an NFT collection 

featuring 128 undead drivers

who can’t be bargained with,

can’t be reasoned with

and will not stop, EVER,

until your pizza is delivered.  


Each 1/1 driver is generated from an infinite number of possible traits using an organic meat machine

containing 100 billion brain cells. (give or take).  

The End is Pie


Claim your  undead  driver and enter

the exotic world of NFP (non-fungible pizza) delivery today! 


  • Own an provably unique, hand crafted, 1/1 undead pizza delivery driver.

  • Log onto the Dead Net (members only Discord channel) and receive your Guide for the Recently Deceased, an ever-expanding lore file that explores an alternate future of digital immortality. 

  • Receive members-only access to the Apocalypse Wow Gift Shop. (coming soon)

  • Participate in the creation of the End of the World Pizza animated manga inspired comic.*

  • Score physical and digital prizes in upcoming giveaways. 



*By supporting this project, you are helping to fund the completion of the elements listed.  As an early adopter of the project please be aware that some elements of the project may change and completion of all elements listed  is dependent upon sufficient funding.

 When certain sold percentages are reached new rewards will unlock:


Guarantees production of the first 32 undead pizza delivery drivers.  Access to the Dead Net is unlocked for all drivers.



Guarantees production of 64 undead drivers. 10 current holders will receive animated versions of their driver as newly minted NFTs (delivered over the course of project). Those 10 drivers will also receive a more prominent role in the animated comic.



Guarantees all 128 undead drivers. End of the World Pizza augmented reality t-shirts begin production. 5 shirts will be gifted to current holders when completed. Apocalypse Wow Garage goes into production. 


5 current holders will receive 3D versions of their driver as newly minted NFTs. Those 5 drivers will also become central characters in the animated comic.



Apocalypse Wow Garage opens.


End of the World Pizza animated mini manga (5 pages) begins production. Augmented reality enabled PDF* will be gifted to all current holders upon completion. 


End of the World Pizza animated AR* origin manga (24 pages) goes into production. A physical AR enabled comic will be gifted to all current holders upon completion. 



*Augmented reality experiences require a smart phone and the free Neon Wasteland AR App (available now on the App and Google Play stores.)

Claim your  undead  driver and enter

the exotic world of NFP (non-fungible pizza) delivery today!