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Apocalypse Wow! 

A collection of 128 automotive

monstrosities custom built to
get you across the sea of simulation,
beyond the 4th wall of reality and
running ‘za to every corner of the Dead Net.


Ride or Die!

Ownership of a hover car grants access to
future End of the World Pizza events and giveaways as well as a PDF copy of the upcoming End of the World Pizza animated interactive AR comic book.

Ownership of a hover car and Undead Driver
grants access to the O’blivion district,
a simulated reality where the souls of the
dead live on in digital immortality.

As the project progresses we will unlock the official roadmap which includes
video game challenges, AR enabled upgrades and hidden NFT prizes! 


An early look the the O'blivion district.  Alpha gameplay footage coming soon!

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