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Friday, October 13


End of the World Pizza #1 is a collection of 666 interactive augmented reality comics, created by comic artist and AR developer Rob Shields.

Each comic is linked to a non-fungible token (NFT) that is redeemable for a physcial copy of the comic book via our Store.

Augmented Reality is enabled using the free End of the World Pizza AR app, available now on the App and Play Stores


In addition to the next gen AR comic book, our roadmap includes:

• Sponsorship with Pizza Hut to win free pizza for a year. (2022)

• AR merch shop featuring AR enabled skate decks, t-shirts, stickers and art prints. (2023)

• Metaverse and gaming experiences. (2023)

To see a full breakdown of our project roadmap visit our Discord.

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End of the World Pizza #1 is built on the Unity Game Engine, making it possible to expand the universe into both Metaverse and stand alone video games. Our first metaverse experience is launching soon with Spatia.

Coming Soon

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