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End of the World Pizza Comic
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  • Undead Driver #02

  • The Story

    In 2099, the Machine Queen, a malicious A.I., released the Black Sun Virus which erased the face of everyone inside the Metaverse.

    In defiance of the Machine Queen’s rule, 128 skull faced weirdos built the Temple of Pizza, a digital monument to their lost humanity. Their mission, to deliver the Metaverse from evil - one byte of pizza at a time.

    As the rebellion grew, so did the corruption, infecting the undead pizza delivery drivers and sparking a civil war. Now the Doomsday Clock has begun. When the clock reaches midnight, a portal to the digital abyss will open, releasing the Neon Daemons and bringing this age to an end. 


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  • Undead Driver #15

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